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JAV Eng-Sub Ai Uehara Superheroine GHPM-30
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JAV Eng-Sub Ai Uehara Superheroine GHPM-30 Synopsis:
Feel free to watch online or download JAV Sub English in this site. You will love this Japanese video since it has subtitle for you to understand the dialog.

This is one of our JAV eng-sub collection. You can watch it streaming or download it as you wish. As we know, english-sub JAV are so rare out there. So this is a good chance for us to know what exactly they said in Japanese language. And this free JAV HD with Eng sub will bring you to a new experience of watching Japan porn.

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This JAV eng-subtitle has JAV ID: GHPM-30, produced by GIGA AV Studio, directed by Toru Sakata (坂田徹) and starring by  Ai Uehara (上原亜衣). Diana protects the Earth from pirates! Day and night, she fights against men who try to conquer Earth… Zazba has a bitter experience fighting against the beautiful heroine and has grudges. But after an incident, Zazba finds out the secrets of Diana’s transformation and plots to set traps interfering with her transformation. Later when Diana tries to transform, she fails to do so. Zazba captures her and rapes her… Diana takes a risk to transform once again but the cadre gives her a nice creampie…. Diana is forced to take an oath in marrying the cadre and gradually accepts him… [BAD END]

地球の平和を守る超装美少女ディアーナ。彼女は地球を支配しようとする宇宙海賊ギルドと日夜戦っていた・・・ギルドの幹部ザズバはディアーナにいつも苦渋を舐めさせられ、その怨みは相当なものであった。だが、ある宇宙からの使者を獲られた事でディアーナの変身装着の秘密を暴き、変身を妨害する罠をしかけるのだった。ディアーナはギルドの怪人に遭遇し変身しようとするが変身できずに焦り、そのままディアーナはザズバに犯されレイプされていく・・・ディアーナは一か八か変身のチャンスに賭けるが、その豊満な肉体を蹂躙凌辱され中出しされてしまう・・・ディアーナは悪の宇宙海賊ギルドの幹部の妻になることを誓うように、気付けば快楽に負け、濃厚にフェラチオしそして悪に屈服した事を悔やみ堕ちてしまう・・・[BAD END]

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JAV Eng-Sub Ai Uehara Superheroine GHPM-30 Detail Information:
  • JAV ID: GHPM-30
  • Content-ID: -
  • Title: JAV Eng-Sub Ai Uehara Superheroine GHPM-30
  • Alternative Title: GHPM-30 Non-Transforming Heroine Diana
  • Synonim Title: GHPM-30 Non-transformed Heroine Diana Uehara Ai
  • Another Title: "GHPM-30" Non-makeover heroine Diana
  • Popular Title: 'GHPM-30' Ai Uehara Superheroine
  • Japanese Title: [GHPM-30] 非変身ヒロイン ディアーナ
  • Cast / JAV Idols: Ai Uehara (上原亜衣)
  • Studio: GIGA
  • Label: English-Subtitle JAV | Superheroine
  • Category: Censored | Eng-Sub JAV
  • Genre: Superheroine | CosplayBlowjob
  • Channel: -
  • Series: Heroine Non-Transformation (非変身ヒロイン)
  • Length: 80 Minutes
  • Release Date: 2015/09/11
  • Director:  Toru Sakata (坂田徹)
  • Good for: JAV With Eng Subtitle Fans
  • Quality:  "High Definiton" (JAV HD 720p)Medium Quality (JAV MQ 480p)Small Definition (JAV SD 360p)

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