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JAV Eng-Sub Sho Nishino ATID-200 Synopsis:
Feel free to watch online or download JAV Sub English in this site. You will love this Japanese video since it has subtitle for you to understand the dialog.

This is one of our JAV eng-sub collection. You can watch it streaming or download it as you wish. As we know, english-sub JAV are so rare out there. So this is a good chance for us to know what exactly they said in Japanese language. And this free JAV HD with Eng sub will bring you to a new experience of watching Japan porn.

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This JAV eng-subtitle has JAV ID: ATID-200, produced by Attackers AV Studio, directed by Eikichi Tokushima and starring by Sho Nishino.  [Shadow Police] security authorities investigation team. The attitude that does not hesitate also illegal activities in order of investigation has been vigilant from overseas Mafia. There are woman who feared a "go-getter" in the investigation team. Sho Nishino, an undercover investigator.

[Shadow Police]治安当局の捜査チーム。捜査の為には非合法活動も辞さないその姿勢は海外マフィアからも警戒されている。その捜査チームに「凄腕」と恐れられる女がいる。西野翔、潜入捜査官である

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JAV Eng-Sub Sho Nishino ATID-200 Detail Information:
  • JAV ID: ATID-200
  • Content-ID: atid00200
  • Title: JAV Eng-Sub Sho Nishino ATID-200
  • Alternative Title: ATID-200 - Undercover Investigation - Until You Obey... Sho Nishino
  • Synonim Title: ATID-200 Until a Sennyuu investigator falls… Nishino Shou
  • Another Title: "ATID-200" Undercover, to fall Sho Nishino ...
  • Popular Title: 'ATID-200' Undercover investigator, to fall ...
  • Japanese Title: [ATID-200] 潜入捜査官、堕ちるまで…
  • Cast / JAV Idols: Sho Nishino (西野翔)
  • Studio:  Attackers
  • Label: English-Subtitle JAV | in mad
  • Category: Censored | Eng-Sub JAV
  • Genre: Uniform
  • Channel: Playgirl, PRIME
  • Series: Until you obey... (堕ちるまで…)
  • Length: 107 Minutes
  • Release Date: July 05, 2012
  • Director: Eikichi Tokushima (徳島栄吉)
  • Good for: JAV With Subtitle Fans
  • Quality:  "High Definiton" (JAV HD 720p)Medium Quality (JAV MQ 480p)Small Definition (JAV SD 360p)

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