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This JAV eng-subtitle released with JAV ID: ATID-279, produced by Attackers AV Studio, and starring by two JAV star Mako Oda and Misa Arisawa.

JAV English-Subtitle Mako Oda and Misa Arisawa ATID-279:
Mako Oda gets raped by her husband’s ex wife. The story sets up that Mako’s husband proposes to her and she says yes. They show him divorcing his ex-wife in the intro as well. The video first picks up when the ex-wife visits Mako at her house. The ex-wife presents a divorce paper for Mako to sign, and when she doesn’t, she calls over her goon to help her out.
The first scene has Mako getting raped by the associate of the ex-wife. They do it on the couch where the ex-wife is sitting beside Mako, Mako often lying on top of her. The ex doesn’t do much other than hold her at various points, but the scene is still fine. Mako gets facefucked in the scene and does a surprisingly good job at it, plus she gets unwillingly creampied at the end. The second scene starts off with Mako tied up on the couch including some bondage tape. The ex-wife takes off the tape, puts on a strapon, and then proceeds to fuck Mako. It’s actually quite a good scene, the ex does a good job of playing an evil mastermind with her maniacal laughing or spanking Mako. In the third scene, the ex comes and visits the husband alone, where she proceeds to rape him. She doesn’t have sex, just sucks him off while looking crazy. She ties him up at the end which leads to the third scene where there are two guys fucking her. She gets creampied while the ex and husband watch from outside, but they eventually move inside the bedroom for a better view. By this point in the video, Mako seems to be enjoying herself. There’s a brief outro that I won’t spoil because it makes the plot fit nicely.
I thought the ex-wife did a really good job of playing some psycho. She came off as someone who was truly crazy and a sadist. She took far too much pleasure in what was going on, but that seemed perfect for the video. Maybe some people might find it a bit too much, but I liked that it was over the top. She often sat there maniacally laughing or raising her voice, and it’s these markers I really like to see to sell that performance.
Mako’s acting was much less good. Very whiny and not enough resistance from her. She didn’t really sell it as if it were different from any other sort of video. There wasn’t much dialogue from her either despite that she’s getting raped by the ex-wife. I would have expected more dialogue given the common ground
Mako looks quite good here. You can see she’s definitely aging now though, which fit really nicely in the video. The ex-wife looked quite old, but I thought that also sit nicely with the video.
The scenes were done well as was the sex. A lot of different scenarios, Mako getting raped, the ex raping both Mako and the husband. I felt the scenes really tied the plot together. The sex was quite good too, a lot of energy from the ex-wife. Sure, Mako sort of phoned it home a bit, but this type of video also lends itself more to that. Enjoy this JAV story with English subtitles.

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