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This JAV eng-subtitle released with JAV ID: NDRA-016, produced by JET Video (JET映像) | AV Studio, and starring by sexy JAV actreess Shion Fujimoto.

JAV Film With English Sub Shion Fujimoto NDRA-016 Synopsis:

Shion Fujimoto is cucking "you" big time. You're married to your gal wife, but she reconnects with an old friend in a rather intimate manner. Her husband is played by a guy whose perspective is frequently shown from the first person. I suppose he should serve as a self-insert, even though his face is visible often.

Regardless of whether you want to self-insert or not, after Shion meets this old friend from the first time in front of your apartment, she soothes your worries with a nice POV blowjob, at the end of which she visibly reviles the taste of your semen, though in a playful manner. This playfulness of hers spans the entire movie.

There are a couple of scenes to show what kind of girl Shion plays. Carefree, happy, giggly, taking lots of selfies. There are also a few segments where she and her old friend meet up and rather innocently so at first. However, while she's taking a shower, her husband scours her cell phone, being the good guy that he is, and finds selfies of them together, including one where the friend kisses Shion on the cheek. That whore.

Out of completely reasonable concern, he reasonably installs and hides cameras in a room. Would you know it, that's exactly where Shion and her friend have sex just shortly afterwards! Unlucky girl! Shion resists adorably but her friend eases her into it, to the point where she can't withstand his advances anymore, and eventually lets him fuck her quite happily.

They have numerous trysts from now on, even some phone sex. Shion rides him, gets fucked from behind and in missionary, blows him, rubs him down with soap, gives him a titfuck and anything else that you commonly see in JAV. The final scene has the two perpetrators fucking (I think in the marriage bed of Shion and her husband) while said husband is looking through a narrow gap in the door and walking away as Shion's cries echo through the entire apartment.

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JAV Film With English Sub Shion Fujimoto NDRA-016 Detail Information:
  • Title: JAV Film With English Sub Shion Fujimoto NDRA-016
  • Alternative Title: Cuckold With My Gal Wife. What Happens When A Nerdy Guy Like Me Gets A Black Gal For A Wife. Shion Fujimoto
  • Another Title: "NDRA-016" As a result of having my daughter got a black girl whose girl I am girls' NTR otaku no match me
  • Popular Title: 'NDRA-016'Result Fujimoto Murasakihime That My Uchi Of Gal Daughter-in-law NTR Otamen Is We Got Married A Black Gal That Does Not Fit In Character
  • Japanese Title: NDRA-016 ウチのギャル嫁NTR オタメンの僕がキャラに合わない黒ギャルを嫁にもらった結果
  • Release Date: Mar. 07, 2016 ( 2016年3月7日)
  • Runtime: 120 min. (120分)
  • Director: ----
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Channel:Mature Women, PRIME
  • Content ID: ndra00016
  • DVD ID: NDRA-016
  • Series: ----
  • Cast / JAV Idols: Shion Fujimoto (藤本紫媛)
  • JAV Studio: JET Video (JET映像) |
  • Label: JAV Movie with Subtitle Eng | JET Video (JET映像) |
  • Genre/Categories: Drama | Cuckold
  • Good for: JAV Sub Fans
  • Type: JAV Censored
  • Quality:  High Definiton (JAV HD 720p)Medium Quality (JAV MQ 480p)Small Definition (JAV SD 360p)

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