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This JAV eng-subtitle has JAV ID: RTP-049, produced by Prestige (プレステージ) , starring by a famous JAV actresses Maya Kawamura (川村まや).

JAV with English Subtitles RTP-049 Synopsis:
I can tell you guys that the movie was a great fit for translating. There wasn't as much dialogue during the sex scenes but the build up preceding them were great. The contrast between the two sisters, as they find out there mums are to remarry, are great to watch as they are completely opposite to each other. Of course the younger sister eventually comes round after witnessing her sister being ravaged by their new step dad, and after being unable to stop herself touching herself up, is promptly sexed up the horny bugger too! I must admit the sexual tension throughout the scene is electric as he does both girls as their mother sleeps nearby. It's so naughty and erotic!The older sister is delighted and can't wait to meet him while the younger is completely against the idea and doesn't want to listen. Maya Kawamura is just too hot!

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JAV with English Subtitles RTP-049 Detail Information:
  • Title: JAV with English Subtitles RTP-049
  • Alternative Title: My New Wife Has These Two Insanely Beautiful Daughters. We Were All Sleeping Next to Each Other on the Floor. Unable to Control Myself, I Started Touching the Older One, and She Loved It! What We Didn't Know Her Younger Sister Was Awake and Watching Us! 3
  • Synonim Title: RTP-049 Maya Kawamura
  • Another Title: "RTP-049" Maya Kawamura Father-in-Law
  • Popular Title: 'RTP-049' The girlfriend of the remarriage partner is a sister of the beautiful girls school student! To sleep at the character of the river for the first time everyone .... My daughter, a cute little sister 's pajamas just around the corner, only barely saw the boy in the middle of development and I was desperate ... I saw her ... !! Suddenly I saw my sister and I have sex sex However, I was excited and bowed my body ... 3
  • Japanese Title: 再婚相手の連れ子は美人女子校生姉妹!!初めて皆で川の字で寝る事に…。明け方、年頃で可愛い妹のパジャマがはだけ、発育途中の身体を見て欲情してしまった僕は彼女を…!!ふと横を見ると、妹と僕がSEXしているのを気づいた姉が、興奮し身体をくねらせていたので…3
  • Release Date: May 29, 2015
  • Runtime: 132 min.
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • DVD ID: RTP-049
  • Content ID: 118rtp00049
  • Series: I Remarried and my Wife's Kids Are Beautiful Sisters!!
  • Channel: ----
  • Director: ----
  • Cast / JAV Idols: 2 beautiful sisters (美人姉妹2組), Maya Kawamura (川村まや)
  • AV Studio: Prestige (プレステージ) 
  • Label: English Sub JAV | Realdocument Plus (Realdocumentプラス)
  • Genre/Categoies: Schoolgirl | Sister
  • Good for: JAV With Subtitle Fans
  • Type: JAV Censored
  • Quality:  High Definiton (JAV HD 720p)Medium Quality (JAV MQ 480p)Small Definition (JAV SD 360p)

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